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  • Kimberly Reynolds

    Kimberly Reynolds has been an Administrative Assistant at Blair Construction for 30 years. She holds an Associate Degree in Data Processing and handles the company payroll and payroll taxes, subcontracts, and more. She also started the business-wide Safety Program for Blair Construction.

    Kim moved into the construction industry in 1985. She was fascinated by the lifecycle of the construction process, from bidding on a job to watching a job being completed. Knowing she is a part of a process that contributed to the community in all parts of Virginia and North Carolina is incredibly satisfying.

    “When you tell someone you work at Blair, they recognize the company immediately. The name speaks for itself. And in the 30 years I have been employed, I have always known Blair to stand by their work and not leave a job ‘til it is completely done. It is a wonderful family owned business to work for and very respected by the community.”